So we have just sold our home of the last half year – our Disco! This old 4×4 Landrover Discovery took us 30,000km across dirt roads, deserts, sand dunes, rivers and mountains. Like one of those compact Ikea houses, it contained everything: bedroom, kitchen, shower and even rooftop terrace 😃 And all things considered, it didn’t complain too much (just some tyres, alternator and diesel injection pump issues 😅). And we only got stuck once – but it was our fault as we didn’t deflate the tyres in the sand… Digging it out was part of the mandatory roadtrip experience!

So here’s a video that will be a fitting tribute our Disco. It features lots of Australian style driving across everything, some silly people and all sorts of animals: a scary but nice bobtail lizard, some wild camels and horses, one hungry possum, a freshwater non-lethal crocodile, a pensive emu, wild goats chased and (sometimes) caught by Cesar, two silly sheep dogs, one friendly thorny devil lizard, a thief parrot who tried to steal our sandwich, mom and baby koalas, a shy platypus, two fat wombats, a very huggable echidna and LOADS of kangaroos😃 The Tasmanian devil escaped before we got the camera, but despite their name they are very cute too!

The video roughly follows our itinerary: first through the middle (outback), then down the West coast, South coast and down to Tasmania. Pictures will follow soon(ish) too…

It makes us nostalgic already!

Next stop: Cambodia.

PS – not sure about you, but after this video, youtube suggests i watch “Idiots crossing rivers”… hahaaa!