Tallinn -> St Petersburg

After taking the night bus from Vilnius, we got to spend a day in Tallinn before our ferry departure. The old town of Tallinn is small, but has a very distinct character and a labyrinth of cute streets to explore.  Also, we were impressed with the large crowds of tourists, probably mostly cruise-ship travellers.

After that, it was time for us to board our Princess Anastasia vessel and let the adventure begin 🙂

We got ourselves a little cabin which proved small but comfy. We wanted to wait for the sunset, but the sun never really sets in these latitudes right now so at 22h30 we just went to bed (see how high the sun still is??). At arrival in the morning, we were surprised to see the huge and very industrial Saint-Petersburg port. Not really the kind of grand arrival we were expecting to the imperial city, but impressive nonetheless! It was also impressive to see they are almost finished building a huge new bridge that will span several islands. It will allow movement between the islands while the smaller bridges are up to let the boats pass…

In the meantime, here’s a little video with some highlights from the overnight ferry trip: