A couple of months after we left Tasmania (and Australia), here’s a short overview of how it was down there.

But before going there, we had to make some money! After baking pizzas and catching goats in Western Australia, it was time for the following stage of our “careers”. We drove 4,500km from where we lived, through the Nullarbor desert (just a hint: Nullarbor = “zero trees” in Latin!), and then stopped to work near Adelaide, in the Riverlands region. That’s very close to the famous Barossa wine growing region.


After all this hard work in infernal heat, finally – holiday time! we started driving down the South coast from Adelaide all the way to Melbourne, to catch our ferry to Tasmania – affectionately called Tassie here.


We had two weeks to drive all around Tasmania, which is very small compared to Australian distances. Finally, no crazy driving across thousands of kilometers, but just a normal road trip!

The nature here is very different from the mainland – the climate is much wetter and cooler, the terrain mountainous. But one thing remains the same – the wilderness and emptiness of the place. In the agricultural areas, the rolling hills look like somewhere in England. But there are huge empty zones with mountains (3 days before we arrived it was snowing there, in the middle of the summer!), impenetrable forests, wild beaches facing the South pole and many, many wild animals. And of course, absolutely no phone or 3G connection 😀



After this last road trip, it was time to say goodbye to our Disco, the car which was our home for the last 6 months. We were a bit stressed to not find a buyer in time, but ended up selling on the day before going back to Melbourne. Lucky people 🙂

And then, we boarded our flight to Cambodia, already looking at the red parched land below us with nostalgia.

Bye bye Australia! What a crazy, rough place, but so many memories we will keep!